Why row an Ocean?

Why indeed? Here we explore the reasons why we all want to row 3000 miles across the vast, wild Atlantic Ocean.



One of the highlights is to see the Atlantic wildlife. 2018 proved to be the best year for seeing whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, flying fish, mahi-mahi and sometimes birds decide to pay a visit too.


power of the waves

I don’t think any of us can quite comprehend the sheer power and magnitude of the ocean until we are out there. We may encounter tropical storms and even hurricanes if we are unlucky.


beauty of the ocean

Sunsets and the peace and tranquillity of no human contact, no light pollution. I think star gazing may become a nighttime hobby whilst out on the oars. A beautiful time to reflect on life.



Bioluminessence has to be one of the most magical sights. It is a biochemcial emmision of light from certain bacteria. Some crews do experience this. How incredible would this be?


fulfil our dreams

All of us having been dreaming about rowing an ocean for years. The dream will not go away. We have all tried to row an ocean prior to this crew. But this time it is real, its happening and we WILL do it.



We aim to inspire our children, friends, family and strangers. Our Dream BIG talk for corporate sponsors, schools and anyone who will listen will inspire everyone who listens.


World Records

We aim to be the FIRST mixed trio to ever cross the Atlantic. However, it largely depends on the weather for the 2020 race on whether we can achieve the FASTEST trio record and beat 41 days, 4 hrs 22 minutes.


blood bikes

Mark has links with Blood Bikes in his local area and knows the CEO who set up the original blood bikes. Jooles has fostered links with her local blood bikes, this has enabled us to buy the boat.


biggest challenge

For Jooles and Amy who are already experienced rowers and coaches, rowing 3000 on an ocean has to be THE ultimate rowing adventure. Not content with river or coastal races the pair mean business.


some of us aren’t getting younger