Training on our R45

Many lake and coastal sessions lie ahead of us.

Trailering the boat around the country side is a feat itself.

Promo video showing the girls out in the double getting some mileage in.

First lake training session, seeing how the steering works, first time we all rowed together.


Lake Training

Lake training allows us to practice living aboard without the added pressure of the boat heaving around, tides, shipping etc. We can purely concentrate on syncing the rowing, using the jetboil to make food, getting used to clipping on and off, shift patterns and living in a tiny space.


Overnight Training

Life onboard is going to be very different at night, shapes appear in the dark, waves come from nowhere, loneliness on the oars, hallucinations, navigation lights and buoys to recognise around the coastal waters, not to mention just moving around a boat which is bouncing around.


Coastal Training

The race rules require us to spend time at sea including a night onboard. We hope to do many of these in the build up to the race so everything is second nature, nothing is scary and we have tweaked everything to be the best we can as a crew, the equipment and our beautiful boat.