Mark Sealey

Skipper, Business Owner & Dad of Four

After a life playing every sport imageable including rugby union, cricket, golf, tennis, but most notably semi-professional and representative football, what would be next? I know, I’ll learn to row and not just river rowing but ocean rowing! Since discovering the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, it has absolutely captivated me in every way and I cannot let it go. Once I had completed several qualifying rows, the power and magnitude of the ocean enhanced my desire to row the Atlantic. With a great deal of planning and preparation already in the bag, The Transatlantic Trio is the perfect project to bring existing planning, passion and desire together. The feat we are undertaking will push us to the limits, testing both friendship and partnership but the feeling of success and achievement upon rowing into English Harbour, Antigua will define all three of us.


Jooles Paillin

Rower, Coach, Business Owner & Mum of Two

Jooles started rowing in 2007 and has competed competitively consistently ever since her love of the water stemming from being on the inland canals and rivers from just 5 days old. Proud sporting moments include holding the record at Boston Marathon 50km in an WIM3 4+ in 2012 and Fastest Women's crew and Masters A W2x in 2017. Jooles holds an indoor World Record involving a Women's Large Team 20-29 Heavyweight 100km with Concept2 in 2017, Jooles has also rowed in various coastal races, notably the Orestone challenge 40km, the Vogalonga in Venice 30km and the prestigious Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames in 2012. Jooles has also completed two full marathons on the Concept2 and many half marathons over the years. Other rowing adventures include coastal rowing in Naples & Marseilles and Austria. Jooles is no stranger to hard work both on and off the water and has been wanting to undertake an ocean row since 2013 when the GB Row dream with an all girl crew including Amy didn't come to fruition. With both daughters at school now and a recent promotion means time away from the business has become possible. The Atlantic Challenge is becoming an exciting reality with Mark and Amy to fulfil a long and deep routed dream.


Amy Wood

Rower, Coach, Career in Cyber Security

Amy learnt to row, in 2010, at Welbeck Defence College with an incredible coach – Jooles. She rowed competitively over her time there and captained the squad as a senior, winning the Sports Woman of the Year award. Amy has completed rowing marathons, both on and off water, within the UK and abroad. She, along with Jooles, was part of the fastest women’s crew at the Naples-Capri race in 2017. Amy has spent a large amount of time in the USA as a head rowing coach, helping young girls meet their sporting goals. She is a serious competitor and the youngest member of our team at the age of 25. Up until taking up rowing, Amy competed for the England karate squad. A keen skier and cyclist, she is up for any challenge that comes her way. Amy's ultimate rowing goal is to row an ocean. Unfortunately, in 2012 Amy and Jooles didn't quite make it to the start line of GB Row due to external factors. So now, it's into the deep (quite literally!) to go straight for the Atlantic. This time, the crew will make it!