£250 Club

Be part of something amazing…..

Donate £250 and join the £250 Club. Receive the TTT Times, (only if you want to), have your name and photo on the Carousel on the Sponsors page, most importantly have your name on the boat looking at us and sending us your messages of support every time we look at your name. Message of support on the website and also inside the cabin on the roof.

If you would rather be anonymous that’s fine too just let us know.

How to donate?

  • BACS You can send us money by BACS The Transatlantic Trio, Starling Bank, 60-83-71 37247456

  • PAYPAL to themixedtrio@outlook.com

  • CHEQUE made payable to ‘The Transatlantic Trio’ and sent to Jooles Paillin, Redhill Lockhouse, Redhill Marina, Ratcliffe on Soar, Notts, NG11 0EB

  • CASH to Amy, Mark or Jooles in person.

  • CARD We also have our Go Fund Me page which will take card payments

  • All the rowers Jooles, Mark and Amy have an app on their phone to be able to take instant card payment in person.

  • Through the website by clicking here